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Name? Debora Sharon Israel

Home: Frankfurt 

Training / Education: Uni Frankfurt, BS, EDX Kurse, Strala 200hr Training, Katonah Self-Study, Law Student

Concepts I love? Sky Ting Yoga, Katonah Yoga, New York Pilates, theClass. 

Brands I adore: Outdoor Voices, The Upside, Lunya Sleepwear

Why Livhabit? I truly believe in the showing up, working hard, being kind, staying humble, getting better with every day, getting better at all of this with every day part of life, but sometimes I just want to enjoy doing only a little bit. Doing a little bit of movement, stretchy yoga to awesome beats. I love comfy, but stylish clothes, a hot bath, a Netflix-Binge session and other bit's and pieces, that create this warm and happy feeling inside of me.     

Inspiring People: My Ted-Talk heroes.

My Style? Minimal colours, fantastic cuts & fabrics and it has to be comfy

My Yoga Style: I have tried many different kind of styles. I have started with Strala, did trainings in New York, went to a dozen workshops and I love the enormous possibilities you have online. I used to look for my perfect kind of yoga, but I truly believe in mix and matching, taking out the best pieces, and putting them together to make something unique. 

So my style is more on the stretchy, less on the power through 50 Sun Saluts side. Vigorous, but in a down-to-earth, calming way. I appreciate clear and practical instructions. I "steal" from Vinyasa, Hatha, Strala, Katonah, Kundalini, and I do appreciate a more real yoga talk, with clear pictures entertaining my mind. During yoga I seek for a bit of struggle and lots of enjoyment and after I want to leave feeling spacious, flushed out.

My favorite yoga poses? High Lunge with a shoulder stretch, pidgeon pose, plow pose all the way to the end

No-Go poses: Chin Stand and other Contortionist Poses 

Favorite Tunes? Halsey + MO + Bastille + Kygo

Other interests: TED-Talks, law, economics, science, I love movies and TV shows, daydreaming, interesting conversation:)

Fav. fruits? Blueberries and Apples

My place to be: Tel-Aviv